Business development plan

In the second half of 2016 - the first half of 2017, it is planned to receive the permission and conduct the 1st phase of clinical trials. In case of successful completion, preparation for the 2nd phase of clinical trials (CT) will be performed.

Preparation of the protocol for the 2nd phase of CT of DD217 for patients after knee or hip replacement surgeries. Multicenter trial. Course administration - within 30 days after the operation.

Preparation of the dossier for submission to the Pharmaceutical Committee for approval of the 2nd phase of CT.

From Q II of 2017 - end of 2018, using the selected clinical research organisation (CRO), conducting of multicenter CT of the 2nd phase.

In the beginning of 2019, it is planned to withdraw from the project with various options - from the search for a strategic investor for conducting of the 3rd stage of clinical trials with payment of entry premium to participants, to sales of the patent or part of the patent to a large pharmaceutical company from Russia or abroad.